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What to expect at a first lesson

What I will bring: My violin, some music books.

What I expect you to bring: A violin, should rest, bow, rosin, stand, your music, a book to write in, a pen or pencil.

Plus's: CD player or MP3 player, metronome, tuner.

If you or your child is a beginer I will teach you how to hold the violin, and the bow, as well as how to make a sound on the instrument.

If you already play I will want to hear and see you play to see where you are in your playing. If you have an idea of what you want to learn, let us talk about that. If you don't, let us talk about that.

Practice: It is a good idea to set time aside every day to play your violin, or to work with your child. If this is not possible, try to have a schedule and keep it as consistent as you can. In the begining practicing for 10 minutes should surfice. As you, or your child, learn to play the practice will be longer.

Make a plan for your practice: Have a plan, or idea of what you, or your child, would like to accomplish during your practice time. Warm up, play open strings, then scales, etudes if you have any, pieces that you know. Then work on something. It can be your bow hold, is it too tight, too loose, or just right? It could be your violin hold. It could be a passage in a new, or old piece (or etude). When done with that, end the practice with a piece you like to play. If you don't have any pieces yet, play open strings; try to make the sound joyful.

Moira Levant 02-02-2020

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