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Women in Music 1st article

Isolde Menges 1893-1976

She was a violinist with a German father and an English mother. She studied with Leopold Auer and Carl Flesch. Because of her German heratage, during the first world war, 1916 - 1919, she toured North America giving free concerts. After the war she returned to England and taught at the Royal College of Music,1931 on. There is now an award in her homor at the College. She married composer Harold Todd Boyd and they had one child together. She founded a string quartet, played solo concertos with major orchestras, and pathed the way for later female violinists. For more information visit

There are a number of recordings on youtube of her records from the 1920's. Here are some.

Manuel De Falla Danze Espanola

Ave Maria by Schubert

Beethoven Vioin Concerto Mov. 1

2nd and 3rd movement Beethoven Violin Concerto

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