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07 7. Blessing.mp3Artist Name
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This is my setting of Fr. Brian Baker's Blessing, which he took with him to his experience of Burning Man. It was his gift. He has since spoken and blogged about the experience.

Below is Father Brian Baker's sermon on his experience at Burning Man in 2015. Start it at the begining. For some reason it starts toward the end.

To read what he has to say about it on his blog:

03 3. Old Man Dreaming On KMLL.mp3Artist Name
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This is my setting to my father, Howard Levant's poem of the same title. Performers are Charles Larkowski narration, Moira Levant violin, Chris Berg bass, Rich Begel trombone and Amanda Roberts piano. In this piece there is some improvisation.

Curious Coincidences OFMCMP3.mp3Artist Name
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This is a piece I wrote for a friend of mine after running into him after not seeing him for 25 years.

09 COR.mp3Artist Name
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This is from my Tea Shop CD Central Perc. It is for string quartet and is light music for tea time.

Edgy Melancholiamp3.mp3Artist Name
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This is a midi realization of a piano piece. I have had it performed, but not recorded.

Light music for tea time, another string quartet piece.

This is Rinneadh Aisling Duinn  (We Had a Vision)

an Irish language poem by Liam Mac Uistin.


I set his poem to music as part of my studies at the University of Limerick, The performance happened in Ireland in 2004. Alasdair Codona is the vocal soloist with UL students performing the instruments.

The begining of the  piece is talking.

This piece is called Lullaby. I wrote the music and the words. Ginger Minneman is the vocalist with Moira Levant on violin, Leslie Stratton on harp and Christian Berg on Bass.

This is a movement from a sonata I wrote in 2014 for viola, bass and piano. Sheridan Currie, Christian Berg and Amanda Roberts are performing it live at a COCOA concert in 2014. 

I often write new music for special occations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In a way I am a Music Composer who will write custom music for all occations. I also teach  composition lessons