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Annie Tittle

Ms. Moira is a fantastic fiddle teacher! She has wonderful insight and patience for energetic young children. Our daughter loves her time in lessons because of Ms. Moira's fun personality, which makes practicing at home exciting as well. Playing at open sessions with Ms. Moira is one of our daughter's favorite activities. We're so grateful for Ms. Moira's time and clever teaching methods!


Anjali Brannon


Moira is a gifted musician and teacher. She has a wonderful way of working with children that feels like playing to them and tailors the lesson to the individual, so it keeps them interested to learn and grow with their instrument. We’re grateful for her lovely violin lessons and presence.

Sylvia Gleason


As an adult learner, I am so glad I found Moira. Her flexible and creative teaching techniques have really improved my playing. She encourages me to explore music and styles that interest and engage me rather than strictly following a standard set of violin method books. Her individualized approach has allowed me to progress rapidly. I have received a lot of positive feedback from other people on how my playing has improved since I started taking lessons from her. I highly recommend her. 


Erica Mersfelder


I want to share with you a little bit about my son’s violin teacher, Moira Levant. First, my son has severe ADHD, struggles with reading music, but has nearly perfect pitch with his ears. He has been taking violin in the Irish fiddle style from Moira for 2 1/2 years. She believes in a Montessori approach and has found ways to use my son’s strengths to help him excel in music. He would never have fit into a traditional style lesson. He would have struggled and would not have enjoyed it. She is patient, kind, and truly knows how to use a child’s strengths to foster a love of music.



Testimonial about transcribing hand written music into typeset music using Finale music writing program.


Dr. Gwen Brubaker


As a person who likes to write music but still uses a pencil and lots of staff paper, I know that a good transcriber is an absolute necessity---especially if you want other people to be able to read and perhaps perform your music. Moira Levant is such a person.  She has transformed several of my handwritten manuscripts into clear, easy-to-read copies.  She pays attention to every little detail, gets things done on time, and perhaps best of all, has really reasonable rates.  In addition, Moira is a very knowledgeable musician and is great fun to talk with.

Dr. B.

Kathryn Kosey 


I started Suzuki violin with Moira in fourth grade in 1997 and I still play to this day. My siblings have also taken lessons from her; one sister also continues to play violin into adulthood. Although I stopped my own lessons many years ago, Moira has become a great friend from whom I can still learn while playing along beside her. Moira makes sure students learn more than just what is in a book, no matter the age, as she teaches children and adults. All students have the chance to learn from a visiting musician from the local area at each group lesson. For the older students, she invites them to participate in various community events in the area (for example, the Fair at New Boston reenactment in Springfield and the weekly open celtic sessions throughout Dayton). Students are encouraged to try multiple genres - both in classical violin and in fiddle - as well as to try multiple ways of learning a song (for instance: written music, by ear one-on-one, by ear in a group). Her approach to go beyond the book ensures that instead of just focusing on the next major performance, her students really learn to bring violin and music into their lives.

Chris Lynch Wiley

Moira helped me so much as an adult learner.

Hannah Preiser


The passion and care that goes into teaching and helping students to understand both the music and the instrument shows that Moria is truly a teacher who seeks to share her craft rather than simply teach.

Jeff Kreidenweis


Moira was hired by my wife and I to provide violin lessons to our then 8yr old son. She has been a relevant presence in his development as a musician ever since. Our son is now a professional vocalist and he was honored to perform with the Dayton Philharmonic an original composition written by Moira Levant. Moira is a clever teacher and a fine musician in her own right. I recommend her without reservation.

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