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Vocal Pieces

**Words by Fr. Brian Baker
Music by Moira Levant
for SATB choir and piano

**Rinneadh Aisling Duinn
for voice and instruments
(there is a small ensemble and orchesral version)
**Lullaby for voice, harp and violin

**Old Man Dreaming On
for narrator, violin, bass and piano

words by Christian Berg
for narrator, harp, soprano, alto, violin, viola, and piano

** words and music by Moira Levant
for choir, piano, and violin

Christmas Madness, Buy, Buy, Buy
for voice, violin, guitar, and bass.

String Quartet Pieces

** COR

** ING and the Scone


No Answers

String Pieces

Covid Melancholia
for violin and clarinet

** The Phoenix Set
for solo violin
guitar accompaniment optional

** Curious Coincidences
for Violin and Piano

Celebrating Flight
for beginning String Orchestra
3 movements

**Ralph Woke Up
a sonata in 3 movements
for Viola, Bass and Piano
(** is for 1st movement)

3 movements for viola and small orchestra

RAC  S.  O
"A Morbid Rondo"
for violin, bass, and piano

Mixed Ensambles

** Jeffrey and Kimbell
for English Horn, Clarinet and Cello

** A Little Fun
Clarinet,Cello and Trombone 

A Wordless Song
for English Horn, Violin and Bass

Life's Hydra
for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Fr. Horn, Violin, Cello

Piano Pieces

Fudge with a Twist,
3 movements 
solo piano
Edgy Melancholis
solo piano

A Little Piece
for 4 hands
piano duet

Brass Pieces

The Question
three movements for brass quintet.
1. The Question 
2. Pondering the Question 
3. Letting go of the Question

** means you can listen to the pieces by pressing the button


I am a Music Composer who writes custom music for all occations and teaches composition lessons

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