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String Quartet Pieces

** COR

** ING and the Scone


No Answers

String Pieces

Covid Melancholia
for violin and clarinet

** The Phoenix Set
for solo violin
guitar accompaniment optional

** Curious Coincidences
for Violin and Piano

Celebrating Flight
for beginning String Orchestra
3 movements

**Ralph Woke Up
a sonata in 3 movements
for Viola, Bass and Piano
(** is for 1st movement)

3 movements for viola and small orchestra

RAC  S.  O
"A Morbid Rondo"
for violin, bass, and piano

Mixed Ensambles

8 Variations on an Original Theme
for Oboe d'Amore, Clarinet in A, Viola, C
ello and Bass

Of Things Not Known

String Quartet plus Bass Flute (or string Bass)

** Jeffrey and Kimbell
for English Horn, Clarinet and Cello

** A Little Fun
Clarinet,Cello and Trombone 

A Little Fun
Cello Quartet

A Wordless Song
for English Horn, Violin and Bass

Life's Hydra
for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Fr. Horn, Violin, Cello

Piano Pieces

Fudge with a Twist,
3 movements 
solo piano
Edgy Melancholis
solo piano

A Little Piece
for 4 hands
piano duet

Brass Pieces

The Question
three movements for brass quintet.
1. The Question 
2. Pondering the Question 
3. Letting go of the Question

Vocal Pieces

Blessing**Words by Fr. Brian Baker
Music by Moira Levantfor SATB choir and piano**

Rinneadh Aisling Duinn

for voice and instruments
(there is a small ensemble and orchesral version) 

**Lullaby for voice, harp and violin

**Old Man Dreaming On
for narrator, violin, bass and piano

words by Christian Berg
for narrator, harp, soprano, alto, violin, viola, and piano

words and music by Moira Levant

for choir, piano, and violin

Christmas Madness, Buy, Buy, Buy
for voice, violin, guitar, and bass.

** means you can listen to the pieces by pressing the button


I am a Music Composer who writes custom music for all occasions.

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