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Finding time to Play

One of the difficulties students of all ages face is finding time to play. It is good if you can play everyday, but if your schedule doesn't allow this, think of consistant play. Like anything else the more time you spend with your instrument the better. Try these 4 things.

1. If you can, leave your violin out where you will see it. Playing a little bit 2 to 5 times a day is better than one long chunck of time.

2. If not every day, find consistant days, like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 15 minutes a day for several days is better than an hour the day before your lesson

3. Have a game plan: Scales, Etudes, Pieces, OH MY! I tell my students that if they can't do anything else, at least spend 5 to 10 minutes playing scales.

4. Keep a practice journal. Write down what you played, how you think you did playing it, and any questions you may have for your teacher.

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