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Where there is song, there is no wrong

When I was in Ireland the year I spent there studying, I heard the phrase "where there is song, there is no wrong". One of the main players, and singers, in one of the music sessions I attended regularly said it in reference to a lady who was in the pub. She had had a hard life, but she could still sing.

I'd like to expand this to say those who sing, or play music for the mere pleasure of playing (or singing) add years to their lives. And when we engage in musical gatherings we share that experience with those around us.

This is important. Somehow in the modern age we have forgotten how to sing together, how to play music together for no other purpose than to be doing it.

So pick up your fiddle, or violin, viola, cello, bass, whatever, and play some music. Sing with others if you can, or sing in the shower. Make music a part of your life beyond turning on the radio, or the ipod. Participate yourself.

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