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Welcome to the 

Levant Music Studio



Irish fiddle

to all ages and abilities







I teach in the Dayton and surrounding area Monday through Friday afternoons usually in people's homes. I also teach Wednesday mornings as well as Saturday afternoons in a studio near the corner of 48 and Rahn road in south Dayton. 

I will teach anyone who wants to learn, young and old, beginner to advanced player. I specialize in Irish Traditional music but teach classical and American fiddle as well.

In my studio the student comes first, their needs, wants and desires (if they know them). I am not concert or performance driven. What I do is draw on are my 35 years of experience as a music teacher and my 49 years as a violin student myself to tailor my teaching to each student and their particular needs. I don't have a specific curriculum though I am Suzuki trained as well as in the Montessori method of early childhood education. I also spent time in Ireland learning about traditional music from the Irish.

I have taken classical violin lessons from the age of 8 to past graduate school. I also have taken Irish fiddle lessons from professional Irish Fiddlers. My students currently range in age from 4 up. I also have success with those who have learning disabilities, who are hyperactive, or different from others.

My question to myself is always "What does this student need from me today?" Some need fingerings, some need a gentle reminder of where the C natural on the A string actually exists. Some need to work on reading music where others need to improve their listening skills. Some want to learn a specific song like Amazing Grace and then they are done. A student may be preparing for an important audition. Another may want to improve their technique. Sometimes students just want to have fun making noise, sound, music together. Most of my students continue playing long after they leave my studio, few become professional musicians, but they love music. For me that is a win.

For more information or answers to questions contact me at:  

text 937-361-8520  

I look forward to talking with you.

Some students playing together

Moira and students at a Group Lesson

Students at a Recital

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