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We Play in a variety of styles

Dayton String Trio

Music for Weddings Funerals Parties

Amazing Grace                    Traditional Hymn

Ashokan Fairwell                   Jay Unger

Autumn Leaves                      Traditional Tune

Donna Nobis Pachem            Traditional Tune

Early One Morning                Folk Song

I Will Fly Away                     Traditional Hymn

Life Goes On                        Beatles

Planxey Irwin                        T. O'Carolin

Pachabelle Canon                       J. Pachabelle

Silent Worship                      G. F. Handel

Cinema Paradiso                   E. Morricone

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring        J. S. Bach

Simply Gifts                          Shaker Hymn Wellerman Sea Shantty           Traditional 

If you know the name of the tune, or can sing us the melody, we can arrange it for our trio to play at your event. If you would like an original piece we can create that as well. Contact us today for further details.

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